Neville rode forth from Arcadia among the Fiona host during the Resurgence as a young and hot-tempered wilder. 45 years later, he has grown too old and vulnerable to banality to spend more than a few hours at a time in the Autumn.  It galls him to have never been awarded a greater title or holdings than the barony of     by either Sean or Aeron.  Mab has openly promised him more and he now cleaves to her side even though he is technically a vassal of Countess Evaine.

Baron Neville is among the Fiona most hostile to the Free Commoners.  He considers the current generation ungrateful and spoiled by the allowances provided first by Queen Aeron and first Duke Aeon and now Duchess Aoibhell and Duchess Aliera.  Beyond Queen Mab, he is a grudging ally of Baron Anibal though his distain for the Unseelie enmasse is quite high.  Nonetheless, he approves of the draconian measures that the Balor have brought down upon the Belligerants in recent times and has taken up a similar approach within his own holdings.  Thankfully, he does not visit the Haight Commons.  

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