The Royalists of PacificaEdit

The sidhe and most commoners loyal to them refer to this faction as the royalists. Free Commoners are more likely to use the term beleiged.  In its most simple explanation, royalists are commoners who have sworn an oath of fealty to their local sidhe noble or to the House that noble belongs to.  In Pacifica, the kingdom is divided into duchies, counties, baronies, and fiefdoms of which practically everything (especially in Southern Pacifica) belongs to House Fiona.  

The majority- nearly 80%- of royalists in Pacifica are sworn vassals of Queen Aeron, Queen Mab, or other Fiona nobles. Of the other 20%, over half are sworn to House Scathach.  But comon-born members of House Scathach are not necessarily considered royalists by other royalists, who generally question whether the Scathach should be treated as gentry or not.  Queen Aeron's views lean towards treating Scathach as a true and equal House; Queen Mab believes otherwise.

The rest of royalist commoners serve in the households of various sidhe of other houses besides Fiona and Scathach.  House Balor has a large following in Oakhold, and every sidhe House has at least one courtier or ambassador at Caer Angeles accompanied by loyal commoners pledged to their service.  

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