The Oakenshield People's Party, also called the belligerents by the nobility and royalists are a large radical movement within the kithain of Pacifica that have existed, in one form or another, since the Resurgence itself.  They consider themselves the successors to the original freedom fighters of the Accordance War.  In many cases?  They are reincarnates of those very commoners who died attempting to keep the Shining Host from reclaiming their place as sovereigns of the terrestial Fae, souls who were Undone in the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and now re-Crysalisized in a new host.  

Many of the belligerents seek out the Oakland's People Party as soon as they have awoken in their new human host.  A significant number of the OPP's recruits are childlings and young wilders.  They eagerly take up arms against the sidhe oppressors.  All too often, these have been weapons of cold iron; the belligerents believe that the sidhe gave up all right to "honorable combat" during the Night of Iron Knives in 1969.  

It is misleading to think that all belligerents inhabit the country of Oakenshield (Oakland California), but Oakenshield is the only place in southern Pacifica where the violence between the belligerents and the nobility and their vassals has never truly ended; it has carried on in guerrilla style warfare for nearly 45 years. The free commoners who support the beligerents describe them as freedom fighters.  Others agree with the royalists that the OPP are terrorists who cause more, not less, hardship and loss in their fanaticism. 

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