Caer Coenig

Duchal Hold of Golden Gate: Caer CoedwigEdit

Caer Coedwig was among the freeholds that burst into chimerical existence during at the Resurgence.  It was almost immediately discovered and claimed and named by Duke Aethelred ap Fiona, one of King Sean's close friends and generals during the Accordance War.  Aethelred's heir, Aeon, was only a childling at the Resurgence and still a wilder when he succeeded the older Fiona in 1985 and ruled from Caer Coedwig for a respectable 25 years.  Its current holder, Duchess Aliera, had spent six years as Aeon's ward residing within the hold and has only made minor alterations to it and the surrounding homestead. 

Caer Coedwig is housed within an impressive mansion at 1154 Chestnut in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.  The property is valued at roughly 4.5 million dollars and maintained through a fortune that was collected by Aethelred and passed through Aeon to Aliera. 

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