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Creating Your CharacterEdit

The Roll20 site is often intimidating to new players, especially if they are new to Changeling the Dreaming as well.  On free Roll20 accounts, the only way to manage character sheets is within the game table UI.  

  • click pink JOIN GAME button
  • find JOURNAL icon above chat (marked by arrow in picture on right)
  • clicking the button labeled + Add within the Journal tab to add a new character.
  • Tip: Adding new Characters using the right-click method places them directly into the right-clicked folder. Then simply click the character's name to open, edit, or add details.
  • Details about using the character sheet window  can be found on the Roll20 Wiki.


screenshot of Roll20 CtD sheet 1 template.

The Changeling Sheet Template Page 1Edit


template sheet 2

The Changeling Sheet Template Page 2Edit

  • Backgrounds (5, extra dots cost 1 freebie points each)
  • Arts (3; extra dots cost 5 freebie points each)
  • Realms (5; extra dots cost 3 freebie points each)
  • Other Traits: secondary abilities, miscellaneous
  • Glamour (see Seeming )
  • Willpower (see Seeming )
  • Banality (see Seeming )
  • Experience (3-4 awarded per game session attended)


screen shot of 3rd page of sheet template

The Changeling Sheet Template Plate 3Edit


screen shot of character creation page 4

The Changeling Sheet Template Page 4Edit

  • Available Allies
  • Available Contacts
  • Personalized Dreamers
  • Holdings Background In Rainbow Cities
  • Available Mentors
  • Oaths Sworn (or Held)
  • Personalized Remembrance
  • Personalized Resources
  • Personalized Retinue


screen shot of page 5

Character Sheet Template Page 5Edit

  • True Name
  • Chronological Age: 
  • Apparent Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Race
  • Nationality: United States (native or naturalized)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Decription: 3-4 sentences covering character's appearance, personality, quirks, etc.
  • Gear (carried):
  • Equipment (owned)
  • Personalized Treasures
  • Misc (anything else, temporary gear, etc.,)
  • Freeholds: favorites from the Haight

screen shot of page 6

Character Sheet Template Page 6Edit

  • Initiative
  • Weapons
    • Melee Weapons
    • Ranged Weapons
    • Firearms Chart
  • Health
  • Soak
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