Playable Commoner KithsEdit

While there is one human race, there are a myriad of fairie races who become Changelings.  Changelings self-reference themselves as the Kithain.  Each kith is dramatically different than the others in terms of appearance and history.  The kithain are not the only kind of fairie; chimera and a number of other creatures of the Dreaming, such as the adhene and thallain are not considered kithain.  To make matters even more confusing, the eight major Western kiths calls other bonefide kiths, including the Native American kiths, "the Gallain". 

The commoner kiths that are available as player characters in Rainbow City are:

Commoner Factions

Other Commoner Kiths in PacificaEdit

  • Clurichaun
  • Merfolk
  • Nunnehei
  • Selkies
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