Count Harold

The Queen's SeneschalEdit

Originally appointed as the Count of Oakhold under King Sean, Harold di Marcos made himself an intrical part of Aeron's early court  Keeping a promise to his beloved king, Harold publically defended Aeron and protected her interests during the uneasy days following Sean's assassination.  He took on the title and responsibilities of her seneschal, moving into Caer Angeles to always be at Aeron's beck and call.  

Count Harold was a wildling knight during the War For Concordia and still respected by many of the veterans for his combination of good judgment and adherence to the Escheat and general chivalric behavior.  It was for this that he was gifted with the County of Oakhold, where King Sean was sure he'd be able to quell the belligerents.  Unfortunately for House Fiona, the Oakland People's Front only swelled in numbers from embittered war refugees.  Harold and his knights were hardpressed to keep the peace- and Count Harold holds himself personally accountable for King Sean's death, despite the dying King assuring him otherwise and eliciting a vow from him to help Aeron in all things he could. 

Harold supported Caer Angeles giving shelter to Queen Mab in the beginning of her exile, even taking knights into Burning Sun to help get her to safety.  Conflicts between him and Mab began quickly, however, and they have a frosty relationship at this time.  He and Duchess Aoibhell often have to work together against Mab, Hamal, and Count Anibal and are at the core of Aeron's Court that are truly loyal to her.  They don't always see eye-to-eye on other issues, however.

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