photo by Joanna Kustra

The Lady of the SeaEdit

Little Liz Sterling's parents were a pair of marine biologists who awoke in her a deep love of the sea before her Chrysalis.  She was able to continue to live at home all the way through high school, keeping up a double life in both the autumn and as the ward and heir of Count Gonzalo ap Liam.  Gonzalo prefered to be independent of Caer Angeles and fostered this same attitude in Elaine.  She is often at odds with House Fiona who mistrust House Liam in general and especially Evaine's dedication to protecting the local selkie and her associations with the Mer.

Countess Evaine is considered even-handed, even kind, towards commoners but she is very strict with expecting those who would live within her county to swear oaths of fealty unto her as well as an additional oath to avoid bringing any harm to the gallain, especially the merfolk and selkie.  She has declared it a high crime to disturb places of glamour belonging to them and/or the nunnehei and decreed all three races to be deserving of the Right of Hospitality and Right of Rescue. 


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