"Once upon a time, a young noble David Ardry was discovered by True Thomas, a legendary bard of the fae. Eventually David was crowned the High King of Concordia. To the surprise of many nobles and commoners alike, he proved to be a just and fair king.  King Davied ruled for nearly thirty years in relative peace and prosperity." 

"Then David fell in love with Faerilyth, a beautiful princess of House Eliuned and the nice of King Melige. They were married amid a cloud of suspicion about the purity of Faerilyth's affection.  That cloud darkened when David went missing while on tour with his new wife through her home, the Kingdom of Willows. Sir Seif, a young eshu knight, suddenly found himself in possession of Caliburn, the sword of the High King.  Serif took it as an omen that he should set out to find David. Seif vanished in turn.  Neither David nor Caliburn has been seen again to this day."

"Without David to sustain it, the peace between nobles and commoners shattered into open revolt. There began a vicious mulit-party struggle for the throne of Concordia and a four year war that saw the Undoing of many nobles and commoners alike."

- the Boggan storyteller, Zackary Pool

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