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The Creative Potential & BanalityEdit

It is very hard to explain, much less roleplay, the way that changelings see, hear, taste, etc., everything that humans do while at the same time, experiencing the chimerical reality of everything.  They don't typically pick and choose which point of view they experience; instead, they pick up on the inherent nature of people, places, and thing: the truest potential, so to speak.  This potential might be a beautiful thing to behold, it also might be horrific.  

It is almost as if a changeling's physical body remembers the physics of terrestrial reality while their minds behold the grandeur of chimerical reality.  Solid objects in the mundane world still have to be accounted for even when a changeling's faerie self, their mein, is of a drastically different size or shape. When a changeling acts in a way where they defer to mundane physics at the cost of their mein (such as a seven foot troll stuffing themselves into the backseat of a tiny car), they will gain banality.

When something or someone is so devoid of potential or be anything greater (in good ways or bad) than it is?  That object or person or place can be described as banal.  Banality is a Changeling's kryptonite, and yet it is also what enables that fairie soul to remain tethered to a human consciousness.  A complete lack of banality will cause a changeling to lose themselves and their tether on physical reality; too much banality, however, will likewise destroy them. 

Glamour, Chimera & CantripsEdit

This creative potential that Changelings pick up on isn't passive, but dynamic.  It is a form of energy called Glamour . Glamour in a manifested physical form is known as a chimera .  When imbued with Glamour, changelings not only experience the world as a magical, amazing place, they are able to do magical, amazing things known as cantrips.  

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