photo by Joanna Kustra

Alana Bell was born to a very wealthy, artistic family in the bay area.  She lost her parents and siblings in a boating accident that brought about her Chrysalis. She was rescued by a selkie who got her to safety.  She was taken to Caer Angeles and King Sean several months before Aeron arrived from the Napa Valley.  The two girls immediately became the best of friends, a relationship now threatened by Hamal's wanton influence over the Queen.  

Aoibhell (pronounced Eh-vell) was always the calmer, more prudent and responsible of the two girls.  She was gifted with the Duchy of Finvarr a year before King Sean died and fiercely rejected all attempts by other nobles in the kingdom to have her replace a grieving Aeron as his successor.  Her loyalty was not forgotten by Aeron, who gave her one of King Sean's own treasures: Equinox, a sword with the power to channel both flame and frost.  

It is one of the worst kept secrets in House Fiona that Aoibhell is deeply in love with Count Harold di Marcos ; everyone seems to know that except Harold himself who recently took one of his own Dreamers as a wife.  She has a number of kinain suitors within House Fiona and the Queen's Court including Baron Anibal . Aoibhell has not been involved in anything beyond courtly romance, however.  She may or may not have a prodigal lover, a young man named David who is her chauffer and bodyguard. 

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