photo by Jim Manganella

Boy GeniusEdit

Before his Crysallis, a young boy named Eli Smith would spend hours with his parents building things with leggos and anything else that came useful.  Rather than the custom 'sets' though, Eli preferred huge boxes of random parts and had his own system for organizing them all.  When he had his Crysallis at the age of 7, he became even more obsessed but was no longer satisfied with just ordinary plastic blocks.  He started to draw and also play minecraft with degrees of both obsession and finesse that amazed his parents.  He tried to keep himself, his new self, a secret from them and the rest of the world.  Then a few months later, Eli woke up one night to find himself being kidnapped by a group of odd creatures- who were more or less just like him.  Eli refused to leave, however, without at least leaving his parents a note, assuring them that he loved them but he just had to leave, to follow his dreams. 

Son of AnarchyEdit

Eli's mentor was a Redcap grump called Frankie Frost who's motley was a biker gang of commoners.  They'd noticed Efren while riding through town.  By the time Efren had his saining, he was a beloved member of The Crew and rode for them another two years before splitting off on his own to find his fortune in San Francisco.  He joined a Knocker-run freehold and learned the crafting trade, bringing with it his talents and his adoration for the bikes The Crew would steal and use for as long as they could.  Effren reasoned that while the crafting of chimerical bikes might be frowned on by many of the more hidebound changelings who clung to long dead medieval culture, it was the perfect blend of his passions.

The Master of Chrome & SteelEdit

Now biologically quite old, Efren is one of the richest commoners in Southern Pacifica.  His title of 'Master' holds equal weight as the title of Sir even with the sidhe of Caer Angeles.  He has never sworn fealty to any house, but the sidhe tend to be steady customers for him- and he often makes them pay not simply in cash money and dross, but in personal favors that only expand his influence into the nobility.  He is not exceptionally politicsl, however, and is willing to supply both his neighbors in the Haight and the belligerents in Oakland with all manner of goods at reasonable price, sometimes discounting heavily on simple chimerical items if the purchaser has a need that exeeds their capacity to pay.  He has steadfastedly rejected offers to join the Community Council, saying it would take too much time away from his work. 

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