House Fiona: The StereotypeEdit

"Fiona sidhe love their food, drink, drugs and sex and rock'n'roll. Forget about calling on them for lofty pursuits except cracking heads or high adventures; Fiona only like fighting and frolicking: anything that gives them a rush. Only difference between a seelie and unseelie Fiona is the good of their word. All of them are reckless fools that create their own rules along the way. Still, they are accomodating and hospitable and more fair-minded to commoners than most. They treat their enleiged like family; fiefs under their vassalage are prosperous and happy."  -

The Fiona of 2015Edit

Everyone agrees that House Fiona lost the War For Concordia.  Queen Mab was banished from the Kingdom of Apples.  Practically every member of the House east of Pacifica either renounced their holdings and titles to join a House loyal to Queen Eloise or fled to Caer Angeles to take up residence there during the early antebellum period.  Its been a decade and little has changed.  Fiona has undisputed claim over Pacifica and practically no holdings elsewhere in Pacifica.  Queen Aeron and Duchess Aliera have made notable advancement towards the cause of peace with Tam-Tara that are now in jeapordy as vengeful Queen-in-Exile Mab takes her place back in the center stage of politics.  

Fiona LoyalistsEdit

Through most of Pacifica, the other kiths are equally divided between loyalists and independent commoners. Finvarr has the highest population of loyalists in southern Pacifica; Goldengate has the highest population of free commoners; Oakenhold has the highest population of belligerants.  Outside of Oakenhold and the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, armed conflict between the three commoner factions is uncommon.  Within Oakenhold, it is a stream of constant violance. 

VIP FIona - Southern PacificaEdit

Queen Aeron

Queen Mab

Duchess Aliera

Duchess Aoibhell

Count Harold di Marcos

Countess Evaine

Baron Jacob

Baron Neville

Sir Cumulus

Sir Troy

Sir Dylan

Dame Gwendolyn

Dame Johanna

Lady Marina

Lady Teodora

Lord Titus

Lord Kareem

Titled EnleigedEdit

Dame Taara of Firozkoh

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