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House Scathach: The Stereotype[]

"Unlike all the other Houses, the Scathach never abandoned the commoners to the Autumn when the Shattering struck. Instead, they chose to stay and fight for the dreams of the age. Over time, they abandoned allegiance to either the Seelie or Unseelie Courts, rejecting all titles of nobility and finding their own unique voice. There's no better ally in the world for the average commoner than one of the Scathach." -

The Scathach of 2015[]

At the time of the Resurgence, the Scathach fought furiously on the side of the commoners. Their status as Earthbound sidhe made them special targets of the Shining Host. High King David, however, treated the Scathach with great respect and earned it from the majority of House Scathach in return. Queen Eloise, in turn, has publicly commended the Scathach and there are several in her personal guard. Forty-five years have brought a culture shift to Scathach.

Almost all of its existing members are 2nd or 3rd generation reincarnates, and they've re-emerged into kithain society with less rancor to the other sidhe. Some do formally devote themselves to the Seelie or Unseelie courts. Those who take up a court usually swear fealty to the ruling House of their kingdom and will also accept titles and holdings granted to them by their sovereign. In the Kingdom of Apples, where common-born changelings themselves have many opportunities for advancement into the gentry, this retreat into traditional sidhe culture is less criticized than elsewhere.

Scathach Loyalists[]

Many changelings who'd never swear oaths of fealty to non-Earthbound sidhe embrace the Scathach as friends, allies, lovers, brothers-in-arms, and even liege lords. Until recently, most Scathach would not accept oaths of fealty at all, preferring Clasped Hands and other oaths focused on love and camaraderie rather than service. Titled Scathach will accept vassals, however, though usually only special circumstances. Most Commoners enleiged to Scathach nobles are whole-heartedly loyal and would rather suffer final death than betray their masters.

VIP Scathach- Living[]