Imada OchiyoEdit

Imada is a figure of curious mystery to other local changelings.  There are rumors that she was once knighted to House Dougal in the Kingdom of Apples, rumors that she was among the beleiged but became an oathbreaker - a serious crime for any kithain but especially a troll.  No one knows Imara's origin story for certain, but she is now highly respected within the local community.  Despite being of Japanese-American descent, no changeling would mistake her for hsien instead of a troll.  She has the tall muscular body and blue skin that are the trademarks of her kith.  It isn't clear, however, what other name she might have besides Imada.  She does not introduce herself by any other name to anyone.  

Imada is close friends with Sir LucioSir Garland and Dame Taara.  She was recently elected to the Haight's community council and is rumored to have some kind of romantic courtship going on with Sheriff Halfblood. Despite all of this, she is a great favorite of the Fairie Tails, many of whom are or have been her martial arts students. 

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