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The Jack of HeartsEdit

Lucas Vincent was born in Portland, Oregon during the 1990s.  He ran away from home following hisChrysalls , taken in by motley of commoner musicians.  Changing his legal name to Lucio, (his moniker among the kithain) once he was a wildling, he supported himself primarily as a prostitute during his mid to late teen years. Then Lucio became the unpaid lover of Fiona knight, Sir Tracey, who was a vassal of Duke Aeon.  He was then befriended by Aliera and became one of her personal companions, often accompaying her on mischevious (and sometimes wanton) adventures in Goldengate.

When Aliera became the Duchess of Goldengate, she rewarded her loyal friend with the title of Sir Lucio, the Jack of Hearts and ceded to him the freehold that became The Temple.  Unlike most of her knights, Lucio does not reside within Caer Coedwig full-time, but will come whenever he is called upon.  He is one of the few Enleiged to actively participate in the Haight community. His partner, Cristobal, is often publically critical of Lucio's fealty- they have publically fought about it in front of other commoners in the Temple. 

The Keeper of the TempleEdit

Lucio's freehold, The Temple, is especially popular among the satyr kith as well as wildlings of any kith, including the sidhe of both Scathach and Fiona.  It is one of the few places in Goldengate where the nobility and commoners revel together, especially during mundane and fae holidays.  The largest freehold outside The Gate in the Haight, is has an "open door policy" unlike the sex club above it owned by Lucio and Cristobal.  A guarded doorway is arranged in such a way to make it possible for kithain to enter the converted warehouse but bypass Club Eros.  There is another, more popular entrance from a liquor storage room within Club Eros to the Temple and a rath from the Temple that links via Silver Road to the The Gate, The Soapbox and several other local freeholds.  

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