The Shining HostEdit

The sidhe are the nobility caste by birthright, their rulership over the other Western kiths reinforced by the Dreaming.  Since the end of the Accordance War, commoners have gained some significant civil rights,including opportunities to earn titles.  In this specific chronicle, within the country of Pacifica, are no non-sidhe with a title higher than two barons:  (blank) and (blank).  A handful of non-sidhe knights exist, however, and player characters may have the opportunity to become one of them.  In addition, a sidhe-only chronicle might be played after "The Soapbox" is concluded, using Rainbow City as its setting as well.  

The HousesEdit

By the time the War in Concordia commenced in early 2000, 13 sidhe Houses emerged from Arcadia or elsewhere in the Deep Dreaming to take their place in the Autumn alongside the earthbound House Scathach . House Fiona founded Pacifica under King Sean at the time of the Resurgence and Accordance War, in early 1970s..  

During the Resurgence, House Dougal, House Eiluned, House Fiona, House Gwdion, and House Liam were the Seelie houses that rode forth at a host of exiles into Concordia.  House Ailil, House Leanhaun and House Balor emerged from the Unseelie Host at the same time, through the same gates.  Only decades later did the first members of House Aesin, House Beaumayn, House Daireann,  House Varich appear in Concordia (and exclusively east of Pacifica within the Rainbow City chroniicle).

Kingdoms Within ConcordiaEdit

Within the Rainbow City chronicle, Concordia as a nation in 2015 is divided into: 

  • The Kingdom of Apples (New England), ruled by High Queen Eloise ni Dougal
  • The Kingdom of Bright Paradise (Carribean Isles), ruled by King Lyron of the Merfolk
  • The Kingdom of the Burning Sun (Southwest) ruled by Queen Yolanda ni Eluned
  • The Kingdom of the Feathered Serpent (Mexico), ruled by King Jarrett ap Ailil
  • The Kingdom of Grass (midwest & Rocky Mt states) , ruled by King Neville ap Gwydion
  • The Kingdom of Northern Ice (Canada & Alaska), Queen Shari ni Scathach
  • The Kingdom of Pacifica (US West Coast), ruled by Queen Aeron ni Fiona
  • The Kingdom of the White Sands (Florida), ruled by King Alonzo ap Leanhaun
  • The Kingdom of Willows (Ozarks & Deep South), ruled by King Douglas ap Liam
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