Concordia map2

Rainbow City's Concordia of 2015-2016

On the surface, the War For Concordia (2000-2004) did not change much about kithain society in the United States.  The free fiefdom of Bright Paradise was assimilated into White Sands; Northern Ice divided itself into two kingdoms both ruled by House Gwydion.  From the Kingdom of Grass emerged the western Kingom of Pines along the border of Pacifica where the worst of the fighting took place.  But once Queen Lenore secured David's throne as he intended and the Parliment of Dreams restored, most changelings didn't find life that different from the halycon days of High King David's reign, before his marriage to Faerilyth ni Eiluned.

.....But a new year comes and the Deep Dreaming stirs.  

Kingdom of ApplesEdit

  • Ruler: Queen Lenore ni Dougal

Kingdom of Burning SunEdit

  • Ruler: King Damion ap Ailil

Kingdom of the Feathered SerpentEdit

  • Ruler: King Renaldo ap Balor

Kingdom of Frozen DreamsEdit

  • Ruler: Queen Tamisha ni Gwydion

Kingdom of GrassEdit

  • Ruler: King Colton ap Liam

Kingdom of Northern IceEdit

  • Ruler: King Rolland ap Gwydion

Kingdom of PacificaEdit

Kingdom of PinesEdit

  • Ruler: King Rupert ap Dougal

Kingdom of White SandsEdit

  • Ruler: Queen Imogene ni Leanhaun

Kingdom of WillowsEdit

  • Ruler: Queen Faeylith ni Eiluned


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