David's HeirEdit

Lenore ap Dougal was the adopted daughter of High King David before his marriage to Faerilyth.  What had led David to adopt a child of a different house is a mystery, even to the Queen herself.  But she had a Chrysallis at the age of 6 and was only biologically 10 years old when she became a ward of his sister Morwen in 1998 when the King disappears.   In 2000, childling is nearly abducted and murdered by a motley of unseelie.  Under questioning, the surviving motley members named a high-ranking member of Queen Mab's court as responsible.  War errupted between House Fiona and House Dougal, with Gwydion taking Dougal's side. The Parliment of Dreams disolved.  For four years, throughout Cascadia, the sidhe and their retainers fought one another with many free commoners caught up or killed along the way. Finally, the eshu called Seif, no longer guardian of Caliburn, returned to New York with proof that King Meilge ap Eiluned, father of Queen Faerilyth was ineed responsible for the Undoing of the High King. With the support of both Morwen and Faeylith behind her,16 year old Lenore is coronated as the new High Queen.

High Queen of ConcordiaEdit

One of Lenore's first acts as High Queen was to strip King Melige of his titles and holdings, but she absolved Faerilyth

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