Queen Mab FionaEdit

Mab Fiona was a very young Queen when she claimed the Kingdom of Apples during the Accordance War. She claims direct lineage from Fiona herself. Some kithain scholars speculate that she was inspired into existence within Arcadia itself after the Shattering by the sheer creative potential unleashed by the playwright William Shakesphere when he penned her into existence as part of Mercutio's speech in Romeo & Juliet. Others, however, believe her to be much older and possibly a daughter of Fiona herself and a lover of Ailil. The truth is likely to never be known; it is certainly telling, however, that she is one of the few original Resurgents left who has not taken up the Changeling Way and become Earthbound like House Scathach.

Former Queen of the Kingdom of ApplesEdit

From 1969 until 2000, Mab was Queen of the Kingdom of Apples.  She had among the first of the Shining Hose to acknowledge David Ardry as High King.  After his disappearance, however, Queen Mab refused to support any contender for David's throne except for herself.  In 2000, she was accused of breaking the Escheat and sending assassins after Heir-Princess Ellenore.  When Ellenore emerged the final victor of the War for Concordia in 2004, she stripped Mab of her holdings and banished her from the Kingdom of Apples.  Queen Mab and her small retinue of loyal knights and other servants made a harrowing journey across Concordia until they reached Caer Angeles, where she secured sanctuary with King Sean..   


There are those who speculate that Queen Mab might have engineered Queen Aeron's all-consuming love affair with the satyr Hamal, which began last spring.  Queen Mab helped groomi Princess Aeron and her friend Duchess Aoibhell. She certainly convinced them and most of the nobles of Pacifica that she had nothing to do with King David's dissapearance or the assassination attempt on Princess Ellenore.  When Aeron was crowned, she declared "Today, I am Queen of Pacifica but Mab is the rightful High Queen of Concordia- she is the sovereign of House Fiona and I vow to see her regain her rightful throne."  

Like many of Aeron's other promises, however, nothing has transpired to actually bring Pacifica into another armed conflict with House Dougal and its other allies.  But since Aeron's retreat from her court with Hamal, Queen Mab is rapidly assertting her control over Caer Angeles, much to the distress of Duchess Aoibhell and others like Sir Garland Weiss.  What good will Queen Mab may have once had for free commoners was lost during the War for Concordia.  Should Mab overthrow Aeron, Pacifica is sure to be launched back into a new war.  

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