Sir Garland ap Scathach

Sir Garland, Chancellor of The KeepEdit

Garland Weiss ap Scathach is in his late 20s.  He has been the Chancellor of The Keep for nearly five years, after serving as a squire and personal assistant for three years to its previous chancellor.  Born Daniel Hodges of Orange County, he underwent a Chrysallis at the age of 8 and was quickly recovered and taken to Caer Angeles. Once his Fior-Righ established his identity, he was delivered to Count Dorsey ap Scathach for fostership.  

Garland and his mentor maintained a close relationship following his saining. Count Dorsey secured a position for Garland as Sir Marcellus Melville's squire as soon as it opened up.  As a young wilder, Garland showed unusual forebearance and discipline, making friends and allies among the nobility and commoners alike.  When Sir Marcellus took a mortal wound from a cold iron dagger while fighting a dauntain vigilante, Duchess Aliera was quick to promote Garland and personally helped him bring the dauntain to justice.  

Five years as Chancellor have not been easy for the brave and well-tempered knight.  He rejects the sidhe's attempts to treat him as Lord of the Haight, a title he says no one of any kith has a right to bear.  At the same time, he comes under constant criticism and attacks from the free commoners who think he has far too much sway over the rest of the Haight Council.

Garland suffered a recent personal loss as well. His beloved squire, Anne-Marie, went with her motley of wilders to try and hunt the wild chimera of Buena Vista Park one night.  She was found the next morning, fae soul ravaged and lost beyond the touch of even balefire glamour.  Garland had no choice but call upon the kithain social worker Henrietta Cooper to see if Anne-Marie might at least be returned to her human family.  It was that event which caused Sir Garland to declare Buena Vista Park off-limits to all changelings for the foreseeable future. 

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