Wilder StereotypeEdit

"Most changelings are wilders, and most wilders are defiant, cunning, and self-absorbed with their own games and adventures. and hedonistic. They lack the cynicism and wordly experience of us greybeards. The thrive on danger and drink in attention and worship. Burning bright, rebelling against the ways of autumn, they get consumed by passions dark or bright. If badly mentored, they can easily see humans as play toys or chew things." -

WIlder Character CreationEdit

  • Physical Age: 13 to 25 {most common Seeming in Rainbow City}
  • generally rebellious, devious, and hedonistic 
  • fascinated by modern culture and glamour drawn from its creative aspects
  • driven by adventure (Seelie) and chaos (Unseelie)
  • beginning Glamour: 4
  • beginning Willpower: 2 {PCs can purchase up to +3 more Willpower with freebies at creation}
  • beginning Banality: 3
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